Day 26 Ipswich to Bristol, SD 66 miles (1742 total miles)

Got rolling out of Ipswich at 8AM. Light rain and temperature in the 60’s. Good for pedaling.

My first destination was Aberdeen. Largest city in NE South Dakota (population 30,000) and the home to my (and Kris’) alma mater, Northern State University.

I got a bit of a preview of what the day would be like 9 miles before Aberdeen. Molly Gunderson, a Bristol native, was out by the road cheering and blowing an air horn when I went by!

Had 2 media appointments when I got to Aberdeen. Took care of them and rolled through Aberdeen. At the east end of town, I had another cheering section.

My niece, Hillary’s, son Kroy was even decked out in a Sea2Key onesie!

I also joined up with my celebrity guest rider. My brother, Jay.

Off we went. 35 more miles to Bristol! As we approached Groton (20 miles from Bristol) I noticed my phone wasn’t on handlebars. Must have fallen off somewhere between Aberdeen and Groton. Been having lots of issues with that phone in last 5 days!

At Groton I called Kris from Jay’s phone. She could track my phone so could see it’s location and knew it was still functioning (i.e. not smashed be traffic). She headed out on a search and rescue mission.

By the time we got 7 miles down the road, she had found the phone and met us at the Day County (our county) line. We hadn’t seen each other since Memorial Day so that was fun.

At this point Jay had ridden 25+ miles in a pretty good wind and we both knew that the toughest stretch was coming up. He decided to get a ride. Definitely a wise move.

I reached Andover (10 miles to Bristol) and then the road turns south. Directly into a 10-15 mph wind. Plus the road does a gradual climb of 500’ over 4 miles. Hardest riding I had done for a few days.

When I finally got to the top of the hill and turned east for the final 4 miles, I was met by 2 Day County Sheriff vehicles, the Bristol fire truck, and several private vehicles. We paraded towards Bristol.

People were out in their driveways waving and cheering Gerty and I on.

That sure made the last 4 miles go much faster.

When our convoy got to Bristol, I was amazed and in awe of what awaited us…about 75 people lining Main Street cheering and waving. Even residents of Sun Dial Manor were out there with signs they had made. Pretty emotional for me.

Rolled right up to my parents’ house. Let the party begin!

I am more than ready for a bit of rest. I worked extremely hard the last couple of weeks to get to Bristol today. Thinking I deserve a little R&R!!

I’ll try to give you a tour of Bristol tomorrow.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support. It is overwhelming.

Ride on.

Just Pete

21 thoughts on “Day 26 Ipswich to Bristol, SD 66 miles (1742 total miles)

  1. Congrats!! I knew you could do it..
    What a wonderful reception🤘🏻
    My eyes are leaking and I’m not cutting onions..
    Enjoy every moment and some well deserved RnR🚴🏻‍♂️🍺💜


  2. Pete,

    First milestone completed – you made it on time!!! Congrats!!! Have a great time at the reunion and then get some rest!

    All the best,

    Jim and Jodi


  3. I got the DT’s this morning when I didn’t see yout post first thing! So look forward to reading your fun take on your journey. Have fun with your girls and Ride On!


  4. What a great day and a key milestone in your journey. Hope it gives you a boost for the next stretch. I cant remember the last time you were happy to see the Sheriff in your rearview mirror. Keep it going!! George


  5. I’m with you Legs, I needed Kleenex while reading our daily blog just now. When there wasn’t an update first thing this morning, I texted Kris to make sure Jeff and Gerty made it safely!! Jeff, you’re a hometown hero for sure!!!


  6. Oh man! This is just all so COOL! I love the homecoming! And tracking that phone was just too much! Lol SOOO happy that so many people turned out for your arrival! Just super!! Enjoy your reunion and a much-needed rest! Certainly will be following the rest of the ride!


  7. I love everything about this!
    Absolutely amazing people still live in this country!
    Way to crush it Pete!
    Enjoy your time with friends and family.
    Cheers brother!


  8. BIG CONGRATS on achieving this milestone in your journey! Enjoy the well-deserved homecoming!! Kevin


  9. You are the man, Jeff! Great going through your hometown. My back is killing me just thinking about what you’re doing. Ride on. Rick


  10. What a wonderful homecoming. The good old and solid Midwest. Tears in our eyes. America at its best.
    This was a great daily report: cool and inspiring. You should be proud -and we are sure you are- of your family and friends over there.
    Berty & Victor


  11. Yea!! Great work. So nice to see your home town reception. Was also worried this morning when I didn’t see your post. Had to text Kris to make sure all was good. Enjoy your R&R.


  12. Congratulations Pete. You made it to home. How cool is that and to be recognize by family, friends and just good ole US folks is amazing. Have a great weekend.


  13. So proud of you for all you have done! Enjoy your reunion and time with your family and friends! Way to go Jeff!!

    Tom & Cheryl Cruz


  14. So proud of you for all you have done! Enjoy your reunion and time with your family and friends! Way to go Jeff!!

    Cheryl Cruz


  15. you need the rest hopefully they got enough budweiser there Ken DePersio



  16. Awesome job Pete. Really well deserved reception. Nice to see such genuine people show such outward support. Enjoy the homefront, rest, and relaxation. Don’t forget to give Gerty the tlc she deserves too.


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