Day 46 Washington to Sullivan, MO 34 Miles (2824 total miles)

Hot. Humid. That about sums up my day. Sounds like lots of you are experiencing similar.

Heard some sad news today. I had met these young ladies about 5 weeks ago in Western MT. Alex (center) took a nasty spill and can’t finish her ride to CT. She’ll be all right but has to be difficult emotionally when you’ve put that level of effort in.

Other than that it was a pretty boring day. Up and down some descent sized hills. Actually descended about 400 feet overall.

A good chunk of day was on old Rte 66.

Goes to Joplin, MO.

Not scenic at all. It’s a frontage road alongside I-44. Saw a few tourist attractions. Jesse James had a hideout in Meramec Cavern…or so the sign said. I also passed the Jesse James Wax Museum. Looked a bit run down but they have some cool stuff…or so the sign said.

That was the only pic I took all day. Not much scenery along the Interstate.

The next town with a hotel is 50 miles from here. I had to choose between 80 miles today or 30 today and 50 tomorrow. I didn’t want to get stuck in my tent (currently more like a real thin, real large sleeping bag) in the middle if heat and humidity got too bad.

Tomorrow’s 50 miles is mostly through a part of the Ozarks. Going to try to be finished early. That means starting early. Not my specialty.

Weather is supposed to start cooling on Friday.

Ride on.

Just Pete

9 thoughts on “Day 46 Washington to Sullivan, MO 34 Miles (2824 total miles)

  1. Be safe out there…I’m glad Alex will be ok. Hopefully the heat breaks and the scenery picks up! Keep on grinding, you’re doing AWESOME!


  2. Glad you had a less miles day, that heat must be brutal. It is 66 here this am and going to cool down. We are at the lake now until Sunday. Will you be able to find a tent soon? Go Gerty and Jeff. You are doing great. 🚴‍♀️ Love you, Mom


  3. You’re in my neck of the woods. I love reading your blog with my morning coffee. Stay safe, you’re amazing trip is very fun to follow. I’ll miss your homecoming but hopefully I can buy you a Bud this fall in FL.
    Best, Jeni


  4. Sorry to hear of Alex’s accident. That is too bad. Maybe tomorrow’s ride will be more scenic for you. Just do as you must and be safe. Cheering for you!


  5. Proud of you brother! You are a warrior. Keep grinding.
    Is there any link to view your route so far?
    It would be cool to see where you have been on a map.
    Stay safe and hydrated.


  6. Short(er) beard looks good, says Berty!!!!!. I am sure it ‘helps’ with the heat as well.
    Keep riding. The goal is getting closer and closer.


  7. Want to brand a product to help raise more money for charities? “Just Pete coffee” might sell, as many people seem to read your blog over morning coffee…….We could revisit your experiences even when you’re not on the trails!


  8. Historic 66 as an access road to an interstate. Been there; done that. On a hot day too! Good choice stopping early. Things should get better soon, especially if the weather cools down.


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