Day 47 Sullivan to Bonne Terre, MO 55 Miles (2879 total miles)

I got on the road shortly after 7AM. It was very humid by that time but the heat hadn’t cranked up yet.

The biggest problem for me in the humidity is the perspiration. Whenever I stop or struggle up a hill, sweat is pouring into my eyes. If I stop somewhere that is air conditioned, I get really cold. I’m soaking wet and the A/C is about enough to give me hypothermia!

Up and down hills all day once again. Pedal really hard. Coast. Repeat.

Lots of trees around here. Some shade…which is good. Very few views…not so good. This was the most expansive view of the day.

Finished pedaling a bit before 1PM. Good timing because got pretty hot the last hour. By 3PM, heat index was 108. Hard to walk across parking lot to Subway.

I’m now less than 2000 miles from Key West. A bit over 4 weeks to go?

Weather for next week is much cooler. Low to mid-80’s. Hope to make some good miles.

Ride on.

Just Pete

5 thoughts on “Day 47 Sullivan to Bonne Terre, MO 55 Miles (2879 total miles)

  1. Lots of trees to block the views! How different our vast country is in trees, terrain, and weather—though the heat seems the same for you on your ride. Maybe you should get a few terry cloth headbands to keep perspiration from your eyes. That may help.
    You are doing SO WELL on this adventure, and we’re all cheering you on! Ride on and be safe!🚴


  2. Uffda, the heat. Barb has a good idea for the headband. It is so hazy here from the Canadian fires that we were not outside at all yesterday. Today the air quality will be better, but the weekend will be very bad. Can’t say enough about how proud we are, you are amazing! Have a good day and keep hydrated. Love you, Mom


  3. We note you’re heading east from Cape Girardeau into Misery (Missouri)! We found eastern Arkansas to be as flat as the Red River Valley. Arkansas has very good biking roads. Just sayin’.


  4. I was also thinking about you wearing a headband/sweatband under your helmet. I’m still feeling bad that you are sleeping in an “injured” tent Jeff! Yikes!! You’re enduring more complications as your goal is in sight. Hang in there and Ride on👍🚴👏.


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