Day 48 Bonne Terre to Cape Girardeau, MO 98 Miles (2977 total miles)

Big mileage day today. It was “only” mid-80’s but still very humid. Even Gerty was sweating today.

About an hour into the day I reached down for my water bottle. Not there. Stop. Second bottle missing as well. I’d say I lost them but I know where they’re at. Freezer, Room 110, Super 8 Motel, Bonne Terre, MO. If you’re reading this and stayed in that room last night, grab them for me please.

I used a large Subway soda cup for my water bottle rest of day. Doesn’t keep cold very well. I just stopped more frequently.

A few miles later, phone goes flying. I heard it hit pavement this time. Stop. Walk back. Found it in ditch. Protective cover had come off. Nothing broken and I was able to put back together.

I’ve figured out why phone slips out of holder, I think. Holder is rubber that stretches around corners of phone. Outer protection of phone is also rubber. When moist, humid gets kind of slippery connection.

I’ve spent the last 2 days riding through the Ozarks. They’re sometimes referred to as the Ozark Plateau…which they definitely are in this area. Everything is a similar elevation. There’s just roller coaster hills of 200-300 feet. You don’t get an expansive view because you don’t get “above” everything. That’s why the dearth of pics last few days.

View from top of plateau.

At the 50 mile mark, I was not feeling great. Back has been bothering me a bit last few days. My legs felt dead. And my hands hurt. I really felt like calling it a day because once I passed Marquand, it was Cape Girardeau or bust.

I sucked it up and kept pedaling. 10 miles up the road, I stopped at a cafe. Had some cherry cheesecake and Mt Dew. Revitalized and refreshed.

Thought the last 10 miles into Cape Girardeau would be downhill to flat. Silly me.

I’ll sleep well tonight.

Ride on.

Just Pete

4 thoughts on “Day 48 Bonne Terre to Cape Girardeau, MO 98 Miles (2977 total miles)

  1. Wow, you are putting on the miles. Whoa! On hills in the Ozarks? (Personally I have never adopted the idea that hills are your friends – like you- hills with a view on top are the only ones worthwhile). Sorry to hear you lost a favorite water bottle. This is an opportunity to buy another souvenir of your solo odyssey.


  2. 98 miles is too far in one day especially with no water bottles. You need to get water bottles and a tent soon. Not much scenery in the Ozarks!! I hope you will take a day of rest soon. You are an inspiration to many. Stay safe, ride on Jeff and Gerty. Love you, Mom.7


  3. Oh no! What can go wrong, will go wrong! Glad your phone was okay. When you get new water bottles pick up some good terry cloth headbands, too. They really will help. Yesterday was a BIG mileage day, maybe take it easy today. Wishing you great weather and tailwinds as you continue! You’re doing such an awesome job! Ride on and be safe!


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