Day 57 Columbus, MS to Livingston, AL 79 Miles (3537 total miles)

Back to back 79’s. If this was golf, I’d be ecstatic. Still pretty happy but much more tired than golf!

Chad Espeland rode with me the entire day. He not only rode, he did the navigating as well. Very relaxing for me. I just followed. Only had to pedal and keep Gerty upright. A nice mental break. Thanks, Chad!!

We’re in Alabama. Roll Gerty!!

Not really sure what was going on here. Either really tired, in a moment of prayer, thinking about jumping off bridge, or all of the above.

This is the Tenn-Tom Waterway. Links Tennessee River to Gulf of Mexico. The TN River is really big. I’d never even really heard of it before except in an Alabama song.

We finished pedaling by about 3PM. Chad’s wife, Margaret, was there to meet us. It was fun to meet her…plus she brought some beer along!

After 300 miles last 4 days, I probably need to slow my roll a bit. Couple long stretches before FL. Going to have to figure out how to break that up. There are lots of really small towns (i.e. no lodging).

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 57 Columbus, MS to Livingston, AL 79 Miles (3537 total miles)

  1. Jeff, you are amazing. You just keep pedaling and sharing with all of us some amazing pictures and history. Thank you and will see you soon. Tom


  2. How fun to have a partner ride with you and to navigate was even better. You do need to do some shorter days IF you can find good places to stop. I hope the temperatures have cooled some. We had 2.3 inches of rain Saturday night so there were lots of smiles on Sun. Today I can turn another page in my atlas to Sweet Home Alabama. We can’t do much in the mornings until we can read your blog and know you are okay. Have a good ride today and a restful night. Love you, Mom.


  3. How great that Chad not only rode with you but navigated, too! There are some very kind people in this world. Can’t say again how proud of you I am!!


  4. Praying, jumping, tired…none of those thoughts entered my mind. What did enter…dang, those leg muscles!!!


  5. Wow! Fantastic riding!! So happy Chad rode with you. It’s great to have a navigator! Tennessee River looks awesome. Keep on keeping on! Super progress! Ride safe, God’s Speed!


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