Day 56 Fulton to Columbus, MS 79 Miles (3458 total miles)

Gerty was ready to roll today…after I picked up some chain oil at WalMart.

So the packaging says I should be oiling the chain every 50-100 miles. Yeah, I haven’t been doing that. More like 500-1000 miles. Could be why chain is stretched but I’m assuming the 50-100 mile thing is “aggressive” marketing.

The hills are moderating each day as I get closer to the coast. Turning to more like giant speed bumps. Pace is much more consistent…and faster.

Got chased by 4 dogs today. Fortunately none on uphills. Very scary, though. They charge like they’re going to T-Bone you. That would be bad. It’s dangerous for me and also the dog. Sometimes they’re crossing the road to chase.

I like other peoples dogs’ but have to say the majority of “scary” incidents on my adventures involve dogs. If you can’t control them, you shouldn’t have them.

I have been looking forward to seeing cotton fields for many, many corn fields. Have to be in the right geographical area. Is this cotton?

There’s lots of whatever this is. I’m guessing it’s cotton but no agronomical clue.

A couple days ago I received a message from a friend in our community in FL. George Mikes was concerned about my hydration. Particularly my Budweiser levels. He wanted to buy me dinner and a few Buds. How nice is that.

I took him up on that offer tonight. The server called George after many Buds and dinner. He paid via credit card. It was actually quite comical. Took a bit of time to explain to server. Thanks, George!!

Tomorrow will be another ride of 80 miles or so. I’ll have a guest rider so that will make it easier.

Chad Espeland (another Bristol person…you’ve pretty much met everyone) put me up in a motel room tonight and is going to ride with me tomorrow. I kind of feel like I could be a professional freeloader!

Ride on.

Just Pete

10 thoughts on “Day 56 Fulton to Columbus, MS 79 Miles (3458 total miles)

  1. Hello Pete, Dill here. Thanks for giving me the privilege of driving you to the airport to start your wonderful adventure! You posted today that you would reach 3458 miles; I was checking to see how many miles you have left! When I googled for that info, it stated that the total road mileage from Seattle to Key West was 3480. Are you taking a longer route?


  2. Dislike hearing about dogs chasing you. Glad you got some chain oil. It was very kind of George to buy you some Buds and dinner. I am sure that was a first for the server. It will be fun to hear about your ride with Chad. Go Gertie, Jeff, and Chad.


  3. Dogs can be a big issue while riding. One trick that has had some success is to carry an empty soda can and put some small rocks it is so it raddles. As the dog (s) approach drop the can on the dogs nose which when it his his nose or the ground it makes a noise which many times cause the dogs to pull up. I carried the can in one of my water bottle holders.


  4. Glad the hills are moderating for you, and, yes, those dogs are SO scary! Yay, for George and Chad! How nice of them. Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed.


  5. I’m happy to hear you and Gerty have been hydrated! Great that you’ll have a guest rider join you 😉. I googled cotton plants and it looks like what you saw. FYI, don’t try growing in Florida as it is illegal because it attracts boll weevils 😳.
    Ride on 🚴🚴


  6. As for dogs, I always use the “Hi, Buddy (in a whiney, submissive voice)” technique. Then, if you can’t out-run them (unlikely), pedal slowly and steadily. It’s the moving wheel they’re going after. As far as “can’t” control their dogs, it’s “won’t” control their dogs. You’re in Dixie now — you’re fair game! Yep, that’s cotton.

    My favorite dog in the south story was a massive Doberman coming at full bore — to kill us. He leaped (unfortunately for him) into a road-side canal. Bikers: 1; Doberman: 0.

    It has been great fun following you. Ride On!


  7. HeyPete! How are you handling the heat!!
    I rode 8 miles today in 88degrees with humidity and am flat on my back now!!



  8. HeyPete! How are you handling the heat!!
    I rode 8 miles today in 88degrees with humidity and am flat on my back now!!



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