Day 58 Livingston to Thomasville, AL 66 miles (3603 total miles)

Today was tough. I knew as soon as I got up that was going to be the case. My legs were really tired. I was in Paducah, KY a week and nearly 500 miles ago. Guessing that may be the reason.

Thought about a 0 day but I was basically at a truck stop. Kind of boring. Town 37 miles up ahead with a motel. I can do that.

I almost never read reviews for motels…unless the ratings are really low. This place sounded horrific…and I’ve stayed in some below average places. Reviews grossed me out. That’s bad. Not an option.

Next motel…Thomasville. I can probably do that. After the fact…put barely between probably and do.

It was hot and humid, rained for a half hour, headwind, and logging trucks galore…with little to no shoulder. And those aren’t the reasons it was tough.

I had no mojo and knew it as soon as I got out of bed. Everything else just made it worse.

The day began with me leaving helmet in motel. Something felt weird after a couple hundred yards. First time for that.

Lots more cattle than I expected in AL. Tried a nice closeup of a few but it was so humid and my fingers were so wet I couldn’t operate phone. There are some cows way out in this pic.

When it’s hot outside and I stop, air conditioning is not my friend. I am shivering if inside for more than 2 minutes. This was my lunch spot today.

Logging trucks are the worst. I’ve finally figured out their “language”. If they’re coming up behind me and lay on their horn, they’re not moving over. There’s only so far over I can go so…that’s kind of scary.

Worst event of entire journey happened today. Logger coming opposite direction passing a car. I had to get off the road! Went over deep rumble strips on shoulder so hard/fast that I bruised my palm. Luckily there was a relatively flat grass area on shoulder…that was really scary.

The last 20 miles was just physically draining and I really had not much left to drain. Took me forever to make it to Thomasville.

All ends good from there. Found the local pub and had a great time. The whole bar spent an hour telling me which roads I should take and which I should avoid. They probably know because they almost all work for paper mills (logging trucks).

When I tried to pay my bill (after dinner and 3 hours of Buds) Amber (manager) said there was no charge if I promised to stay off Hwy 84. OK!!

All’s well that ends well. Going to take it easy tomorrow. 35 miles or so. Should be in FL Th.

Ride on.

Just Pete

9 thoughts on “Day 58 Livingston to Thomasville, AL 66 miles (3603 total miles)

  1. Your day sounded horrible, you need to listen to your body. A zero day should be in the near future. So nice of the friends at the bar to give you info. about the road to take today. The logging trucks are scary. It will feel good to cross the state line into FL I am sure. It is going to be hot and dry here all week. I hope not so hot and humid for you. I am just amazed how many miles you can go in a day. You truly are amazing and we are so proud. Truthfully, I will be very happy and relieved when you are done!! Love you, Mom.


  2. Pete,

    Hang in there—you are doing great. Have been following you and am proud of you and what you have accomplished. You are almost home and lots of cold ones in the 19th hole. waiting for you. Magi and I are rooting for you and wanted you to know that. Had not emailed you before because I figured by way of your daily posts you were ok. Just sounded like you needed a pick-me-up with this one. keep on trucking—whoops sorry— All quiet here—Plantation has been closed now for almost 4 days due to a cover outbreak. Hang tough and see you soon




  3. Sounds like an awful day but at least light at the end of the tunnel! You were always so good at finding location bars! Good idea to stay off highways! Take a break when you need it! Stay safe! Florida soon!


  4. Pete, take a breather, man. Good you were able to find the pub, though. Sound like some good people there. Be careful, my friend. Good riding.
    bill mcg.


  5. Oh, dear Lord! What a day! AAARRRGGGHHH with the logging truck! Man, that’s scary! So happy that the folks in Thomasville gave road suggestions, and bless Amber! What a heart she had! Take more easy days a week now that you’re almost in Florida. Enjoy the ride through your home state and ride safe! We’re all cheering for you! God’s Speed!


  6. What a miserable day 🚴. I’m relieved it ended on a positive note 🍺 with a bikers version of AT trail magic 👍.
    You continue to be an inspiration to us all!!!!!
    Ride on.


  7. Tough one Jeff. Glad you ended up at a well earned spot for relaxation. Still a haul, but at least Fl and short home stay are in your sights. Met up with Kris yesterday morning, I think she was already plus 20,000, she sat to rest on a cable box while we chatted. I asked her if anyone was riding with you from St. Aug, she didn’t think so. If you don’ mind company and I don’t hold you back, I’d love to join you on the first leg. Sounds like that might be to Ormond Beach. Let me know, see you soon regardless.



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