Day 60 Jackson to Saraland, AL 61 Miles (3697 total miles)

Pretty easy ride today. At least the majority of the day.

Headed to Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico so mostly downhill. Fast cruising. Averaged almost 16mph for the day.

Stopped in Calvert for lunch at the Webb Cafe. I was the first of lunch crowd at 10:30. The place was packed an hour later when I was leaving.

They love their catfish around here. Cafe served fish tacos…made with catfish. I didn’t try but they were selling lots of catfish!

This is the Tombigbee River. Crossed it the other day with Chad. Flows through AL to Mobile Bay. It used to have a plethora of fresh water mussel species until humans screwed that up with dams and rerouting of the waterway.

I spent the last 10 miles of the day trying to outrun a thunderstorm. I lost. Got poured on for last half hour with lightning all around. Not fun at all.

I’ll be in FL tomorrow. Before you get too excited about that, please realize I’ll be in FL for about 900 miles. That’s more miles than I was in MT!!

Tropical storm Fred could dampen my plans. Literally dampen. I plan on taking the coastal route across the panhandle. If you know anyone in that area, have them on standby in case I need an extraction.

Ride on.

Just Pete

6 thoughts on “Day 60 Jackson to Saraland, AL 61 Miles (3697 total miles)

  1. You had quite a day. Getting soaked was not fun. I am happy the pedaling was easier. Hopefully Fred won’t hamper your trip in FL. Where is Lynn Grode? It is still amazing how far you have pedaled. Do you feel you are heading to the finish line? Stay safe and watch the weather. Love you. Mom


    1. Hi Jeff’s Mom,

      Lynne Grode Evans lives in Port Charlotte, just a few miles from us. We live in Punta Gorda. It’s really nice to have a close family so close. Hwy. 41 goes right through Punta Gorda if that’s the route taken.

      Donna (Grode) Davis.


  2. Glad you know about Fred. Sounds like very heavy rain and I guess wind. Would it help to stay where you are till it passes? So amazing that you will be in Florida soon but I know it’s a long state to get to your final destination. Stay safe and keep your eye on the hurricane.


  3. So while you are riding try to figure out the answer to this question. It is 900 miles from the one end of Florida to the other. Is there any other state that is as long between the two furthest points in the state and if so which state? don


  4. You’re doing fan-tastic! Didn’t realize Florida would encompass that many miles. However, you WILL BE in your home state and that’s awesome! Watch the weather and enjoy these last miles. You have done what most humans would never attempt!! 👏👍 Always enjoy reading about your adventure. Didn’t know if you got the link about the crop duster pilot in ND that I tried to send via FB. Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed!


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