Day 69 Bit It to Panama City, FL 97 Miles (3800 total miles)

On the road again. Felt pretty familiar. Just like riding a bike!!

Today was really flat. Pretty much like I envisioned/hoped. Only hills were bridges and overpasses. Much nicer than mountain passes.

Physically I felt pretty good. I was a bit concerned about my right shoulder but that was OK. My legs lost a bit of strength during the layoff. Wasn’t pedaling in high gear very much. Not enough power. My hands really suffered in the week off. They were sore.

The only real odd thing is that my left forearm, just below the elbow, was bothering me. I smashed that against rocks on numerous falls on the Appalachian Trail. Today was first time it bothered me. Kind of weird but I can deal with it.

Lots of riding near the water today. Bit of a breeze off the Gulf so that helped keep things a bit cooler.

When I got to hotel, 2 ladies were working the desk. Originally assigned a room on 2nd floor but they moved me down to first floor and gave me a large room. In fact, Gerty and I are spending our first night back on the road in the honeymoon suite!!

Tomorrow we’ll start heading towards Tallahassee. It’s about 100 miles and I probably will have dead legs so shooting for Bristol, FL (55 miles or so).

Ride on.

Just Pete

9 thoughts on “Day 69 Bit It to Panama City, FL 97 Miles (3800 total miles)

  1. I just knew you would ride a lot of miles your first day out. I didn’t see your water bottles on Gerty, but I am guessing they were in the freezer getting ready for today’s ride. Did you get to see the fight? Logan won. We don’t have Showtime so we didn’t get to see it. I hope your ride to Bristol will go well today and your hands and left foreman will feel better. You need BioFreeze!! Pedal safely and ride on. Love you, Mom


  2. Sooooo glad you are on the flat lands – less stress on the body. Looks like a total checkup (for you and maybe a quick over for Gertie) will be due after completion of your amazing journey.

    Ride On!


  3. Love that honeymoon suite!! 😄 Sounds like your body got pretty well rested—enough to feel the sore spots anyway. The legs will get stronger again every day. So happy you’re riding again, and that each day brings you closer to your end goal! God’s Speed as you finish your ride. Ride on—we’re cheering for a successful finish! 👏🚴


  4. It’s great to have you and Gerty back on the road 🚴🚴 !! I hope the rest of your journey is flat and you’ll have time to fully recover. I wish you could have a welcoming “committee” cheering for you at the end! We’ll all be with you in spirit for sure 👏👏. Ride on.


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