Day 70 Panama City to Bristol, FL 56 Miles (3856 total miles)

Today was a bit of a struggle after yesterday’s big miles. I was kind of expecting that.

Half of the day was directly into a 5-10 mph wind. There were also a few hills. What?

I didn’t think it was that hot but this was first time my phone turned off due to excessive heat. Missed a picture or two.

Finally crossed into the Eastern time zone.

Bristol is just east of the Apalachicola. Not a big town. Motel and 1 restaurant…which closed at 5PM.

There is a Subway. Can’t tell you how many Subways I’ve eaten at on this trip but it’s a lot. This one and one I stopped at yesterday were really short on lots of items (fixings, cups, etc.). Can’t get things because no trucks. Having to really scale back their operating hours.

No clue where I’ll get to tomorrow. Gonna have to see how I feel.

Ride on.

Just Pete

6 thoughts on “Day 70 Panama City to Bristol, FL 56 Miles (3856 total miles)

  1. The restaurant closed at 5PM??? Wind can be tough on a bike, 56 miles on a windy day is a solid effort. You’re getting there, keep pushing forward. I’m so proud of you…your tenacity and perseverance is inspiring.


  2. I think your body will tell you how far to ride today, listen to it. FL is the flatest state in the US. How can there be hills? Glad there was a place to stay and food. Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? With your determination you will make it and how good that will feel. I hope the heat won’t be so intense and be very sure you are hydrated well. Stay safe. Love you, Mom.


  3. Just like life, this ride from Sea2Key is a journey and not a race. Even though you are ready for this journey to end, take the time to enjoy the beauty that continues to surround you on the path forward. Be strong and RIDE ON JUST PETE.

    Be safe and carry on.


  4. Triple digits AND Eastern Time Zone!!
    Before you know it you’ll be on a direct route south. A few days behind schedule is probably not such a bad thing once you’re back in the groove and Gerty has worked her new parts into gear😆
    Stay safe and peddle on🚴🏻🍺💜


  5. Glad you’re now in the Eastern time zone!! Lots of miles and progress. Hope you get to feeling better. Cheering you on from afar! Go Pete and Gerty!


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