Day 71 Bristol to Tallahassee, FL 50 Miles (3906 total miles)

Bit of good. Bit of not quite so good today.

Cranked out 28 miles in a bit more than an hour and a half. Cruising at good speed. That’s the good.

Then the not quite so good…flat rear tire! Nail went right through tire and punctured tube. Hadn’t seen a flat since Dennis had on day one.

This would be my first time changing a flat. Hadn’t even practiced. Shocker, right?!! Back is the worst because lots of maneuvering around gears and derailer. It had been recommended that I practice taking the rear tire off and back on. I didn’t.

My mechanical aptitude on a scale of 1-10 is less than one. The new back tire is 2mm wider than original. Will the tube even work? Maybe I can hitch a ride to a bike shop in Tallahassee. Tried that for 10 minutes. No response.

OK, I’m going to have to do this so I watched a YouTube video!! It was a struggle but I got the wheel off.

Had replacement tube and after a bit I got the new tube and tire back on the rim. Now I just had to get tire back on.

That was also a struggle but I finally got it on. Yeah, me! Totally astonished that I was able to do it. Even got my hands greasy. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

Pretty proud of myself. It was frustrating but didn’t have any options. I was only wishing I had someone else to test it out! Wee bit scary for a few miles. Waiting for wheel to fly off or something.

Fixing the flat took me an hour and a half. Very draining physically. Too much squatting on bended knees. The remaining 22 miles were kind of tough.

Went through a good portion of Florida State University campus. Know there’s a few U of Florida fans that don’t want to here this but…it is very nice.

Tallahassee has a crazy number of hills. I need to get back to the coast.

Heading to Gainesville (home of the Florida Gators) next. Couple days away.

Hoping to make A1A and the beach on Thursday.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 71 Bristol to Tallahassee, FL 50 Miles (3906 total miles)

  1. So, should I sign you up for golf Thursday afternoon or Friday morning before you leave for the keys….we’ll let you ride in a cart. John


  2. Good for you! Hopefully that will be your one and only flat, but at least you know how to fix it! You’re doing great, keep grinding💕💕


  3. Another talent to check off you list :). It is amazing that was only your second flat tire. You are heading into the flat lands with westerly winds so the next few days should be more pleasant other than the heat. You are doing great. Where on A1A do you hope to be on Thursday?


  4. WOW, good job fixing your tire, Jeff. Dennis will be proud of you too!! I know how much you are waiting to get to 1A. Just think of how far you have pedaled. Keep up your good work, you are amazing. Love you, Mom.


  5. Good to hear Pete! Tallahassee is a nice little town. Your IQ will rise at least 10 points as you ride through Gainesville! It happens to everyone! Be sure to visit the Swamp!!
    Be safe!


  6. OMG! Thankful for those YouTube videos! We use them for everything—from draining and working on our hot tub to replacing sprinkler system parts! Some are better than others, but there’s always one video that saves the day! 😬 So happy you were able to get it fixed. That’s actually a phenomenal amount of miles you had before your first flat! Kudos to you and Gerty! Still cheering you on from afar! You’ve got this! Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed!


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