June 21

Day 83 Big Rock Campsite to Rock Chairs Campsite (12.3 miles) 1168.2 miles total

Naked Hiking Day was either a ruse or a myth. I didn’t see one other naked person the whole day. Felt like I was at a party and I was the only one who thought it was a costume party!

Just kidding…I remain clothed so as not to scare anyone.


PA is lovingly referred to as Rocksylvania by hikers. Very proper.

unnamed (1)

I stopped short of where I was planning to get today. Came across a campsite that has chairs (with backs) made from rocks. Comfortable and a great use of rocks!

unnamed (2)

Will try to make Lickdale or Pine Grove, PA today. Hopefully.

Happy trails!

5 thoughts on “June 21

  1. Hi Jeff,  I often think of you during my 2.5 hour bike ride and thought you may appreciate some SD news … Also think you would enjoy doing RaSDak someday since your obviously a little crazy in a  ambitious way .. My main concern is that you get enough H2O and good calories and sleep everyday …

       I was recently asked by family if I thought RaSDak was too hard and if I would do RaSDak again ? Here is my reply : About RaSDak …. it was a good experience ,,, My conclusion : the only time wind is calm in SD is when you are actually at ground zero of four equal winds !    Biking with Mike (the Navigator) made it easy for me as he always knows where we are and how far to the next H2O stop ! And his experience with the tent camping and how everything works (or should work) made it easy for me.   Yes I would do it again ,a good activity with a  brother …. and or sister. But I don’t know if I will have vacation time or be able to take week off without pay in the future?   The way I see it , Rasdak is easier to train for and do than running a Marathon …  Anyone who wants to do RaSDak just needs to ride alot the 6 months before event to get your leg strength and get your ass tolerant to sitting in saddle for 4 or 5 hours a day . A spin class would be wise training tool ..  Worst part of biking is “shit happens”  I’m talking about crashing …. we didn’t have any … Just using the clip in shoes (that attach your feet to peddles)  will eventually help rider crash … than throw in road debris ,riding road’s your not use to, road shoulders that just disappear , loose gravel , speeding cars ,  bees & wasps ,  other bikes , pretty woman ,all distractions ,,,, damn pretty woman !!!!  Basically could die out on a bike ride at anytime, running in this way is “safer” I think …By the way , I think I’m done with marathons … Maybe a few more half marathons for me someday ?

      Saw a guy who reminded me of Kent Grode a couple times, but Kent never had a beard and doesn’t ride bikes … on the 3rd day of riding we caught up to this guy at a H2O stop where I noticed that he was missing half a finger just like Kent ,So I was thinking what are the chances ….I got closer to him and he sounded like Kent also !  , so I asked him if I could take his picture because I thought this was all too remarkable … And I’ll be damn it was Kent ! He was biking with his wife Laurie . Laurie is a strong biker, Kent was strong enough to keep up with her.  So I got to eat a breakfast and two suppers with the Grode’s …They live in Pierre.   RaSDak had about 200 riders, half from SD , half from out of state . Half were Female , half everything else !  Average age 55 years …. about 5 riders 16 or younger …About 25 riders were 70 years old or older …   3 meals and 2.5 H2O-snack stops a-day furnished by host towns along the way gave us alot of chances to donate $$ to local causes …

       OK break time is over … Hike on wild man , sincerely , KerSnygue

    From: Pete on the AT To: tomdylla@yahoo.com Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2017 6:34 AM Subject: [New post] June 21 #yiv8156064054 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv8156064054 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv8156064054 a.yiv8156064054primaryactionlink:link, #yiv8156064054 a.yiv8156064054primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv8156064054 a.yiv8156064054primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv8156064054 a.yiv8156064054primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv8156064054 WordPress.com | jpetesd posted: “Day 83 Big Rock Campsite to Rock Chairs Campsite (12.3 miles) 1168.2 miles totalNaked Hiking Day was either a ruse or a myth. I didn’t see one other naked person the whole day. Felt like I was at a party and I was the only one who thought it was a costu” | |


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