Day 47 Redondela to Vigo 9 miles (716 miles total)

I’ve been very fortunate with the weather recently. Apparently Europe had a major heat wave last week. Not here. Don’t think it’s hit 80 once. Also can’t remember last time it rained more than a few sprinkles.

Today we climbed out of Redondela and walked along a ridge line virtually entire way to Vigo.


As we were getting up to ridge line I passed a local couple who were out for a walk. Shortly after that I heard some yelling behind me. Guy I had passed was yelling “Beego. Beego.” and waving his stick…at me.

I wondered what I had done and then remembered that a Spanish V is pronounced like a B. He was telling me I was missing the turn to Vigo!!

The ridge followed a large river to Vigo. Hundreds of those flat squares along the length of the river. Some type of docking station I’m guessing.

unnamed (1)

The traffic of pilgrims heading to Santiago has decreased significantly. Did not run into any large groups today. Crowds were small enough that I actually meant buen Camino when I said it to people.

unnamed (2)

If you have a good imagination you can see some things here.

unnamed (3)

The “Hola” smile of the day will be quite a collection by the time I’m finished. There will be about 50 of them. I’ll have to figure out something to do with them. Maybe I’ll make a calendar.

Her dog was supposed to be in picture as well but he hid at the last moment.

unnamed (4)

I’m still not exactly sure what these things in the river are. Don’t get quite close enough to get a really good look. I’ve seen only a couple boats tied up to them. One looked like a small tug boat. Whatever they are, there are lots of them. Must have gone on for 5 or 6 miles.

unnamed (5)

Vigo is a port town built into the hillside. Some pretty steep streets and an upper and lower city center.

I stayed in the lower city. Pretty modern with very upscale shopping area. Surprised I had never heard of Vigo before. It’s a pretty nice city.

unnamed (6)

Tomorrow I will start hitting beach towns…I think. Planning to make Baiona and, if it’s a nice town, take a 0 day there.

I’d rather walk 18 or 20 miles one day and take a 0 day the next than walk 9 or 10 miles for 2 days to get to the same point. That’s my strategy for tomorrow anyway.

Happy trails and buen Camino!


2 thoughts on “Day 47 Redondela to Vigo 9 miles (716 miles total)

  1. I enjoyed the pictures again. Vigo looks like a nice city. Hope you had a good time there and will enjoy your next stop. I am curious as to what those things in the river are, wonder if you will find the answer!! We are home from the lake for a few days, maybe a week or so. We had great weather over the 4th and after. We are thinking you will be at the lake next 4th of July. Take care and happy hiking. Love You, MOM


    1. Those platforms in the water are rafts for farming shellfish. That part of Northwestern Spain is third in the world for production of scallops, oysters, mussels and clams . They hang thick “seeded” ropes off the rafts to grow the shellfish.

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