Day 54 Parsons to Counce TN 62 Miles (3298 total miles)

Today was another good day. A bit bigger and longer hills but not too bad.

I was near to Shiloh. Knew I was going to be close to Shiloh but didn’t realize I was going to be that close to Shiloh National Military Park until after the fact. Probably would have detoured for that.

Crossed the TN River a couple times because I kind of took my own route for half the day. Seeing the water is a nice change of pace.

What the heck is this? Looks like some lethal insect from deep in the Amazon.

Think last bike shop forgot to lube Getty’s chain. She’s starting to creak a little bit. Next bike shop not until Mobile, AL (480 miles). I haven’t carried any chain oil. Don’t want that leaking/spilling in bags. Gonna have to get some in next day or 2.

Will be in Mississippi tomorrow.

Ride on.

Just Pete

9 thoughts on “Day 54 Parsons to Counce TN 62 Miles (3298 total miles)

  1. Hey Pete – Shared with my “classroom”. They’re amazed by the progress and distance in a short time. Very inspiring! Lookin on the map today – incredible how close you are to FL already!

    Ride On – we’re with you!


  2. Sounds like a nice ride yesterday. Hope you can get some oil for your chain. Soon to Mississippi, WOW! What stories you will be able to tell your grandchildren someday!! Hope you have a good day and your ride is easy. Stay safe. Love you, Mom.


  3. Do you realize that most people when the ride west to east come straight across the country….which is about the distance you have gone so far. You are amazing. This only shows there is the usual way and then there is the Pete way. Be safe and we are looking forward to seeing you back in Florida. don


  4. I’ve shared your amazing journey with so many people (even nurses at Mayo Clinic). Stay safe and we’ll see you soon! Need to have a big “welcome home” party when you return. Hopefully Tom will be up & around by then. He had a knee replacement!


  5. Jeff, I haven’t heard about Budweiser for several days(weeks?) and I am concerned you are losing focus and not hydrating”properly”. When you get to the restaurant/bar of your choice over the next few days(tonight?) would you have the server call me so I can pay for your dinner and Buds? My cell is in the directory, but will also leave it on your other email. Hang in there, George


  6. Wow, Shiloh would have been an interesting historical place! Glad you have some prettier scenery. The river is nice to see! Don’t know WHAT that little bug was! How cool that Mississippi is coming up! You have come a
    l-o-n-g way!!!! 👏👍🚴. Yahooooo! We’re all cheering you on! Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed!


  7. Hey Jeff, once again loving following your journey! You just discovered the nature geek in me. Looks like your “little” friend might be a Regal Moth. There are FB groups with experts who provide ID’s for all kinds of things, insects, spiders, snakes, scat(!), etc. I belong to several…really interesting. I did not request expert ID, but here is a link that I believe identifies your guy:
    After looking it up, I’m wondering how big it was…they apparently get quite large! Safe travels!


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