Day 55 Counce, TN to Fulton, MS 81 Miles (3379 total miles)

Progress. Big fan of progress.

We also got an ID of yesterday’s insect. A regal moth. Thanks, Karen Cropper!!

Miss…iss…ipp…i. Had to take this pic from a bit of distance. Little to no shoulder up there by the sign.

Lots of logging and, therefore, logging trucks last couple days. Probably the scariest thing on the road when they’re loaded. Move fast, rarely move over, and small debris flying off. I haven’t gotten hit by any debris (or trucks!) but there’s lots on the shoulders.

Spent about 10 miles on the Natchez Trace Parkway. No commercial traffic allowed. Very little traffic period. Pretty flat. Enjoyable ride.

You can tell when you’re getting close to a “big” town. More traffic. Houses closer together. Fast food remnants littering the ditches. There has been lots of trash in ditches for last 400 miles or so. What is wrong with people? No respect for their environment or other people.

If I was walking, I’d have picked up a ton of trash the past week.

There was slight chance of rain today. I felt a couple sprinkles while riding but shortly after I was finished there was a major downpour for over an hour. Lucked out on that one.

Some big gaps between lodging options next few days. Hoping to make another 80 miles tomorrow and then figure things out from there.

Ride on.

Just Pete

8 thoughts on “Day 55 Counce, TN to Fulton, MS 81 Miles (3379 total miles)

  1. Jeff-
    Your logs are a great moment of distraction this summer… Ride on is right.
    Jenny & Rick Carney


  2. Looks like your route is following a river running into the Gulf. And you are losing elevation. Never been in the middle of Mississippi – always curious about the Tupelo area (Elvis Presley’s home) which was west of Fulton. Yes, trash is everywhere. Trash along with signs that a certain group who picks up trash is a good sign you are near a town.
    Either the hills are smaller or you are getting tougher? We enjoy your blog each morning.


  3. Making great progress! Trash any place but a trash can bums me out as well…I’ll never understand why people litter, is it so hard to dispose of properly? Anyway, thinking of you today, Kevin is doing a triathlon in the rain. He always says riding in the rain is the worst, bike tires slip easier in rain. He was asking about your tent when we were in a sporting good/bike shop yesterday. We saw one that would be perfect for you (I know that isn’t helpful😉) We enjoy watching your progress and reading your blogs over coffee in the morning…you should publish a book of all your journeys. Maybe join a lecture circuit for inspirational talks…you have a lot of material to draw from, and are one of the most engaging people I know. Be safe out there among the logging trucks. We’re hoping that folks continue to be patient with cyclists…not always the case in some rural areas. Take time to enjoy the scenery.


  4. Glad you used 4 syllables for the state name—unlike the natives! Lol The Natchez Parkway must have been a wonderful relief! Sure looked nice! You are making SUCH progress, and we’re all cheering you on! Ride on, be safe, and God’s Speed! 👏👍🚴


  5. Great Job Jeff and Gerty 🚴! I googled the “big” town of Fulton – just over 4,000 in 2019. Were you able to get oil for Gerty? Bud for Jeff 🍺? Hopefully no rain on the next leg. Slippery, narrow roads and huge trucks are a bad combination!
    Ride on safely 👍
    PS. I share the same frustration/anger with littering 😬.


  6. JP, Imagining you probably aren’t following the markets too closely while on your journey. If you were current on lumber prices you might be picking up and saving whatever falls off those logging trucks. Probably better off just avoiding them altogether though.

    Remember, “Just Pete” coffee might be a big seller in the future. With it each morning, we might all have DeJa vu experiences for many of our future coffee drinking days. Ride on!!!!!


  7. The logging trucks sound a bit scary. Glad to hear nothing hit you. Yeah, the trash thing irritates me too. Some people! Love your posts and hearing about each days adventures!


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